This is Us

Hi.  We're Wendy and Michael Stahl and this is our story.


When we opened our studio in 2002, our commitment to the black and white portrait was rare.  As photography options have exploded over the years, we recognize that you have more choices than ever.  That's why we continue to focus on what is truly rare: emotional portrait photography, carefully crafted, exquisitely printed and thoughtfully displayed in your home.

Michael always had the photography bug, from the time he was working along side his dad in the basement darkroom.  The vintage equipment he used then served him well over the years and was even there when the idea for this studio was hatched.


He created an image of Chester, the family dog,  with his vintage Rolleiflex camera and crafted a nice 11x14 print. "People might love a nice portrait of their dog," he mused, and a business (Best Friend Photography) was launched. 


When clients starting asking to for their children to be included with the dogs, the studio quickly morphed into family photography.


Now, thousands of sessions later, Michael is still committed to creating classic black and white images that truly capture the essence of those that sit before his lens.




Wendy is a designer at heart.  She loves paying attention to the details and getting things exactly right.  Whether it is a room she styling in her role as a Certified Home Refiner, or with the people we have the privilege of photographing by adjusting some clothing, moving some stray hair and just making them feel comfortable.


Wendy also drove the total makeover we undertook when we purchased our historic studio building in downtown Montclair. It's a wonderful environment that spurs our creativity and provides a relaxing and safe environment for your family.


In addition to creating beautiful portraits, we want to ensure that your images are artfully displayed in your home.  This is also where Wendy comes in.  She will work with you through the framing selection and then deliver and hang your finished artwork in your home.



Here's a small collection from the family albums.  Some are indeed portraits.  Others are "just" snapshots.  Enjoy.