The Art of the Portrait

Classic portraits--that is our passion.

Let us create timeless artwork your family will treasure forever.

"Our experience was amazing. We look at the portraits every day and are amazed at how they complete our home.

It will most likely be the last photos we get while the kids are all living under the same college starts in a few months.

I am so happy that I did this."

--Maureen, Montclair

With a camera in every pocket, and over one trillion--yes, one trillion--photos created around the world every year, you will need a pretty good reason to hire one professional photographer to create portraits for you.  


That photographer should have a clear point of view, and that point of view should resonate with you.  
It should touch you emotionally.  


The portraits on this site represent what we've done over the years.  If these images touch you in some way,
we are the studio for you.

We feel there is an undeniable quality to a well-crafted black and white image that is not matched by any other medium. The best black and white photographs have an evocative, emotive quality that is difficult to define but impossible to deny.

Perhaps it is the very lack of color that makes these images transcend our everyday experience and become something more remote, mystical and universal.  There is some greater truth and emotional dimension to black and white images.

"I can't tell you how pleased we are with the portraits.  When Kurt and the children came home this afternoon,

the responses were unanimous.  

They absolutely LOVED them and couldn't stop staring at them all.  Thanks again for everything."